To commence: 1hr: 1500
To experience: 1.5hr: (preferred minimum for first time clients) 2000
To appreciate: 2hr: 2500

Any Bookings over two hours include social activities such as dinner.

To explore: 3hr: 3400
To adventure: 4hr: 4300
To enjoy: 5hr: 5200
To revel: 6hr: 6000

To adore: 10k (up to 12hrs, 8hr sleep required)

*FM2Y: I am well travelled and passport ready. I can just as happily be taken on an adventure by you as I would be to guide you on one. Please inquire in your booking request email as to any fm2y requests to get rates.

*Deposits: For first time clients a 20% deposit is required of any appointments on any appointments.

*Screening: Absolutely mandatory. I do not accept references or P411 as verification however they can assist in an otherwise full verification for screening. If your results come back inconclusive I may need to ask you for further verification information. This is for my safety and is non-negotiable.

*Cancelations: If for some reason a cancellation is unavoidable and done at least 48 hours before our appointment your deposit can be used towards a future appointment provided it is booked within the next 3 months of your cancellation date. If the cancellation is under 48 hours it will be accepted as compensation for canceling the booking on short notice out of respect for my time. You can visit my FAQ for more information.