1 hour $1500
1.5 hour $2000
2 hour $2500
3 hour $3400
4 hour $4300
5 hour $5200
6 hour $6000

*Outcall only


Deposit is required and is applied to our appointment. All deposits are non-refundable.

Depending on the length of your appointment 10%-20% of the booking is required as deposit.


If for some reason a cancellation is unavoidable and done at least 48 hours before our appointment your deposit can be used towards a future appointment provided it is booked within the next 3 months of your cancellation date. If the cancellation is under 48 hours it will be accepted as compensation for canceling the booking on short notice out of respect for my time.


Screening is absolutely mandatory. I do not accept references or P411 as verification however they can assist in an otherwise full verification for screening. This is for my safety and is non-negotiable. It allows me to be at ease without anxiety to my safety and fully present in the moment with you. Your information will stay confidential and in an encrypted service. It will always be handled with the utmost discretion. I have no interest in and will not be using your information in any other way other than as a safeguard in case my safety was to become threatened. Every single client that sees me has passed screening, including those who have seen me for many years. I am well known and respected in my community as well as to my clients. Please out of respect for both of our time, do not attempt to falsify your information. When found out I will be forced to blacklist you as well as refuse you as a client for my safety and the safety of others.

Plan in Advance

I will always be considerate and respectful of your time and I expect the same. One of the things I’ve also found is spending time looking forward to our time often can add such a taste of exhilaration in its expectation to our experience.

Advance notice of at least 24-48 hours is expected for booking an appointment. Balancing my schedule in addition to screening etc takes time. Same Day Requests will not receive a response and possibly defer me from accepting you as a client.


I am offering my time to share with you and to share with you an experience of each other. I do not have a menu or a check off list nor am I interested in fulfilling one. Expectation of me to be anyone other than who I am would only severely limit and suppress the connection we would be capable of creating. I reserve the right to refuse any service or interaction at any time, do not ask me more than once, do not pressure, cajole, or attempt to push boundaries that I have stated. This will force me to end our appointment and no refunds will be given. I unfortunately must state; Respect me and my choices. I will only offer what I am comfortable with and feel safe with. Sometimes that comfortability and safety takes time to build. However I think we agree that your pleasure should not be expected to come before my safety. I will never engage in unsafe practices. Any requests or attempts for this by you of me will end our appointment.

I will never rush our time. However when our time is up it is time for me to get my things and bid you adieu. Unless you immediately request an extension and provide payment, our time will have come to its expected close. Expectation of me to go beyond our booked appointment time is disrespectful to me as well as my other clients. I would not allow this before our time together either as you will always find me fresh, recharged and prepared to give you my full attention and energy. Going over our appointed time without exchanging compensation for my energy does not allow me to give my full energy and offer the experience I am known for, to you or others.


This must be handled immediately upon meeting so we can both relax, let go, and enjoy our experience having the business part handled and done with.

Please leave in a white envelope in clear view. If I am coming to you please leave it in the restroom where I can easily see it when I go to freshen up. If you are coming to me please have it easy to see in the common area and excuse yourself to freshen up while I shall collect it during that time. If we are meeting in public you may discretely place inside of a book or gift bag, never just pass me a envelope. Discretion is important for both of us.

At no time should you refer to the amount as this puts me at risk and will immediately end our time together.